Empower your cyber awareness programme with cyber risk acumen

Cyber security and risk management acumen requires you to have in-depth understanding of the complexity and multiple factors that influence cyber resilience and security maturity. Learn how to make the right decisions to develop and operate cyber programs

Unique Experience

We utilise our multi-patented cyber risk management software applications for our courses. By providing you with hands-on experiential learning, our courses ensure you build the relevant skill sets, ranging from technical knowledge, to the strategic aspects of controlling cyber threats.

Your Career Path

Steer your cyber security and risk management career pathway with our courses. We offer the fundamentals in cyber threat control, through to our GIAC technical training. Select the right courses for your personal development. Build your skills and expertise for the complex cyber threat environment of today.

Depth of Knowledge

With 25 years of experience within cyber security and risk management, range from creating enterprise cyber threat management software, to psychology. We are certified as practitioners and auditors across GDPR, ISO27000 Information Security and in Enterprise Big Data.

New Technologies

Emergent technologies, including AI, create new risks. Increased regulations for using new technologies have new compliance requirements - for all entities. Learn how to plan for and manage tech-threat evolution - leverage innovative tech capabilities, whilst maintaining compliance.

About Us

365 Cyber provides cyber threat management training for all profiles of personnel

365 Cyber offers a wide range of in-person, distance and on-demand learning solutions – with a modular selection approach to fit all profiles

Our custom-made training covers our proprietary cyber risk management, hands-on experiential learning, to be used independently, or as part of your cyber overall resilience and compliance programmes.

We use simulations with multi-patented cyber risk management software for experiential, hands-on learning for non-technical staff.

Our training programmes are a part of the UK Limited company Quantar Solutions,

Having developed enterprise cyber risk management technology solutions for 25 years, providing cyber training was seen as a way of assisting organizations attain a higher level of cyber risk resilience.

The background of Quantar Solutions provides a solid and demonstrable capability in building cyber security and risk skills for next-gen managers within the cyber threat and technology domains.

As regulations and standards now mandate cyber awareness training for all personnel, 365 Cyber can assist your organization in meeting compliance targets

build your cyber skills

We aim to develop the next generation of cyber security and risk management teams. Learn with US!